Early darkness and chilly nights means lots of comfort food. With Christmas behind me, it’s time for the annual New Year’s resolution:  kiss (keep it simple, Susan.)

My slow cooker takes its place on the kitchen counter each Sunday for “Slow-Cooked Sundays with Susan.” Slow cooking is so much better than fast food. And it doesn’t have to be all time consuming. Sure, it takes hours to slow cook, but a few simple ingredients tossed into the pot and your off to do other things. And if you have a pot with a timer on it, you can crock while you’re working. I haven’t  got one of those yet, should have put that on my list for Santa!.

I don’t always do “simple,” but I’m learning. I went from four Christmas trees to three (although my youngest tells me that the grapevine lighted tree is indeed a tree and counts as the fourth tree up). The hustle and bustle gives way to comfort and down time.

I’ve added a “slow cook” category in the recipe section. This week is minestrone. I didn’t host Christmas Eve this year, so there may be a ham too. I’ve been afraid to try the recipes I’ve seen that use cola or root beer as the liquid. It may be time to face the fear.