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Root Beer Ham

Since we didn’t have ham for Christmas Eve, it was time. I’d wondered what all the hoopla was surrounding cola ham, and found recipes that substituted root beer for cola. Each and every recipe stated that full-on sugar version of either soft drink must be used. We don’t drink much soda, and we only drink the diet versions.

I found a small bottle of sugary carbonation: A&W Root Beer. Not being a connoisseur of non-diet, I assumed A&W was a good choice. Adding just a few more simple ingredients into the crock pot—brown sugar, butter, and Dijon—and voila, I was done! I followed one of my resolutions to KISS (keep it simple, Susan).Whole Roasted Pineapple

I served the root beer slow-cooked ham with roasted pineapple, violet balsamic-glazed carrots and scalloped potatoes Lavender Balsamic Glazed Carrots(shh, out of a box…to keep it simple).  I received some infused oils and vinegars for Christmas and needed to break open a few bottles. The pineapple was first grilled in blood orange EVOO and the carrots swam in violet balsamic. The house smelled fabulous; like walking into a fresh spice market.

Mixing the soda with brown sugar and butter created a wonderful caramel root beer glaze. I think that next time I’ll use a bit less root beer, and not cook so long, and baste more.