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I’m back to pumpkins. I need to replenish the pantry (and other hiding spots) with cans before they start disappearing from the market shelves. Thankfully I didn’t give myself a deadline to finish 99 cans. All that pumpkin eating wasn’t a good look for me. I don’t think the orange glow suited my coloring. I feared looking like Anne Hathaway’s character in Bride Wars after her pre-wedding glow was faux-tan-gone-bad.

Pumpkin PizzaI made a quick pizza using pumpkin as the sauce. I love butternut squash pizza so … I wondered how pumpkin would taste as a substitute for tomato sauce. With some ricotta dollops, caramelized onions, arugula and chopped hazelnuts how bad could it be? I loved it;  the hubby (pizza=red sauce; no substitutions) and child did not. More for me and one less can. Buh-bye #78.

This morning my daughter asked me how many cans I had left to go. Astute for a 10 year old, she was quick to ask, “Did you give yourself a time limit?” “No,” I said, “I was smart.” “Wise,” she agreed.

S'more Pumpkin Mini-MuffinHer tone had a hint of a challenge to it, so I searched for ideas that called for ingredients I had on hand. I needed to cross can #77 off my list. I came across a pumpkin s’more muffin recipe that seemed an easy way to use another can.

I made them a bit more WeightWatcher friendly, using sugar-free cake mix. I’m trying to calcuate the points per serving; one box of cake yielded 60 mini-muffins. Oops – I just realized I neglected to add the chocolate chips on paper; need to recalculate the points. Of course, I didn’t forget to add them to the batter. This recipe both hubby and child approved of. I’ve hidden a stack in the freezer for my daily treat.