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Chausson aux PommesAt 5:00 p.m. I read an email from my mother-in-law. It was a recipe that she thought I might enjoy. This had my New Year’s resolution of KISS (keep it simple, Susan) all over it. By 6:00 p.m., my adaptation of Pillsbury’s Country Apple Dumpling was out of the oven. (That’s an hour from receipt to completion.)

I read the recipe a few times –  it called for 12 oz of Mountain Dew. We don’t drink much soda, and when we do, we don’t do Dew. I couldn’t do Dew now. It just didn’t seem right. I could do champagne. There’s a little bubbly leftover in the frig. Mixed with a little apple brandy and we’ve taken this recipe from the backroads of the south and ended up in the French countryside. Très facile.

Hubby came in from mantown and was curious to see the creation. He paused and asked, “Is it warm fruit?”He does not eat fruit that’s been cooked (with the exception of applesauce and jelled cranberry sauce, with the rings depressed from the can.)

I served my version with chestnut and mascarpone whipped cream cheese (the chestnut puree was French) and caramel au beurre sale (my salted caramel sauce). I may have been successful in converting hubby to a cooked-fruit eater.

Recipe for Chausson aux Pommes