Game night recap:

I wanted to make Croques Monsieurs (pronounced croak, which is what my plan was for Tebowmania…), but for fear of jinxing the Pats I switched up the game plan. [By the end of the first quarter we were feeling pretty comfy. Five touchdowns later it was only half-time. The game was ours.]

tarte flambeePlaying it safe, I decided to make tarte flambée. [After all, Tom’s hot and on fire.] It’s a thin pizza-type crust covered with crème fraîche, fromage blanc, thinly sliced onions and lardons. Mmmm. Pork fat. To keep it a bit, *cough*, healthier I used pancetta. I didn’t have any fromage blanc, and not any white cheese would do. Or would it. Searching for substitutes I found a variety of white cheese that could replace fromage blanc, and other white non-cheese products: sour cream, Greek yogurt, cream cheese, quark (I’ve only seen this at my farmers market), a combination of 1 part heavy cream mixed with 2 parts cream cheese, and  queso fresco.

I had sour cream,  cream  cheese, Greek yogurt and heavy cream in the house, natch. I didn’t see how either of these would survive the heat of the oven. But I’m a team player, and have faith in others’ recipes  and recommendations. I settled on sour cream, since this is a savory dish.

Then I realized I didn’t have pizza dough ready. It was nearing game time. No time to make it from scratch. Fear of a fumble and the toss of a yellow penalty flag by the family, I found a ready-to-bake pie crust in the frig. This is how the tarte flambée became a galette. It made perfect sense – galette rhymes with Gillette (Stadium, where the whopping took place) and the translation of tarte flambée is “pie baked in the flames.” It was meant to be. So was the win.

Tarte Flambée