During an extended work trip-topped-with-surprise-weekend-getaway, one of my stops included Santa Monica. Gorgeous, sunny, seabreezey Santa Monica. I happened to be there on one of the farmers market days. (It also happened to be the day that Modern Family was filming on the Pier.) The market is the largest in SoCal and it did not disappoint. The Wednesday Farmers Market is one of the largest and most diverse grower-only CFM’s in the nation. According to the market’s website, over 9,000 shoppers, including many of Los Angeles’ best known chefs and restaurants, attend the market. (I’ve seen pics of Brangelina at the market, too, but no star sightings during my visit.)

There were certain rhythms and protocols to walking themarket. I tried, without success, to not disrupt the regulars’ routine. I stood in the center where all four roads met and spun in circles, soaking it all in. I felt like a kid in a candy store. I kept repeating over and over “You’re traveling. You’re not buying another suitcase. You don’t have constant refrigeration. You’re nuts.” It was hard to resist all the colors and shapes. I was proud that my local farmers market offered more local cheeses and local beef, poultry and pork. But the beauty was in the bounty of offerings.


I settled on fresh Bucheret goat cheese, French radishes, blackberries dried fruit, nuts, tangerines and just-baked baguettes. These would be perfect with the Olli Napoli salame I picked up at a nearby market. Can you say breakfast picnic on the beach? It was at the “indoor” market that I found this sign, and I encourage you to follow its suggestion, and also encourage you to support your local farmers market.