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Woke up yesterday morning to learn it was Mardi Gras. I was caught completely off guard and didn’t plan a thing.

Found some beads for luck and got to work in the kitchen.

What New Orleans-inspired dish could I make with ingredients on hand? I went bananas and had fun with flames.

Within an hour  Bananas Foster Cupcakes were ready to be topped with Caramel Frosting. I rushed out of the house and off to work, packed with the unfrosted cupcakes, frosting, pastry bag and tips.

I hadn’t test-tasted before putting them out for the official test kitchen tasting.  Because I was in a rush my frosting was lumpy; I didn’t have time for the butter to soften the natural way. I left it in the mixer too long to try to unlump the stubborn bits, which gave the frosting the consistency of soft-serve on a really hot day. I was apologetic to my co-workers. I started off by frosting half of the cupcakes, assuming I’d either end up taking them back home or feed Oscar the Grouch. Within an hour I needed to frost the rest. (There were only about 15 people in the office today.) 

Apparently they were pretty good (or my colleagues are now trained to salivate with and enjoy each recipe I try out). Laissez les bons temps rouler! (I wish the good times could roll…on wheels…in a cupcake food truck.)

Bananas Foster Cupcakes