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I’ve been remiss. It’s been a few hectic days in our household. My youngest shares Dr. Seuss’s birthday, and she’s young enough to enjoy Seusville food. Karma was on our side with the opening of The Lorax. Simple birthday party completely hosted by the local theater.

I completely forgot that school vacation week fell during her birthday. (Confession: I completely forgot about school vacation week.) She reminded me that we needed to bring in a treat for her class celebration. Her school allows celebrations and homemade goodies.

With a twelve-hour time frame to make cupcakes, we decided on Truffal Tree cupcakes. Very simple and all ingredients were in the pantry. Taking the idea of the peppermint-topped marshmallow-on-a-stick that we made during Christmas, we took mini-marshmallows dipped in frosting and covered with colored sugar.

Homemade invitations were also a spur of the moment activity. I couldn’t take the easy way out and buy them. Of course not. So we made … you guessed it, Truffala Trees, complete with a Seuss-like invitation poem. We were going to make three pom-pom trees, but I was very optimistic with what we could accomplish in a really short period of time.

Next came the birthday breakfast. The birthday girl actually shares her day with Dr. Seuss (when she’s older, we’ll plan on going to a Bon Jovi concert – Jon has the same birthday too). She was excited about the idea of green eggs and ham, but I had my doubts. Neither of her older siblings enjoyed eggs, and making them green didn’t make it any more enjoyable for them. I took the eggs and ham one step further and made them into the shape of … yep, Truffala Trees.

Since the movie theater was providing the food, cake and goodie bags, there wasn’t much for us to do. Except…I can’t relinquish control. We made Lorax mustaches for a photo op, but most of the kids wore them through the movie. Using gold felted wool, we cut out mustache shapes and sewed thin elastic to each side.

We bought some squishy, fringy “thing” from the craft store. It was like a donut-shaped anenome and fit perfectly around the goodie cup. Seuss-like thank-you cards thread perfectly through the goodie cup’s straw hole, and our Truffala Tree cake pops were inserted into the straw hole. I haven’t perfected a smooth coating on cake pops, and thankfully I didn’t have to worry about smooth trees.

We were exhausted, and the birthday girl was hit with a virus DURING her party. She tried to keep a happy appearance. Thanks to the unlimited pizzas that kept coming out during the party, we brought home nearly 3 pizzas. It reminded me of high school cafeteria pizza, but we weren’t going to throw it out.

Time for a pizza makeover. I quickly sauteed some arugula, baby bella mushrooms, and garlic and tossed it on top. Another topping included a spicy plum salsa mixed with ricotta. Not bad.

Thank goodness birthdays only come once-ler a year.