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carrot, potato, sweet potato and parsnip friesWe’re all trying to reduce the amount of carbs, right? Or at least finding a better balance between pasta, bread and cupcakes. Less french fries doesn’t mean less taste. Actually, I think it’s just the opposite. Less french fries equals more taste. We try to avoid fast food restaurants; it’s only in an emergency that our car swerves into the parking lot.

On the rare occasion when we do break down and hit the nearest burger place, we share a small order of fries (sometimes I can just lick the salt). But, have you ever left the empty take-out bag in the car? Like the smell of cigarette smoke when you haven’t been around a smoker, when you open the car door the smell of grease is enough to make you sick. Which is ironic when I think back to the years of waiting in the drive thru for MickeyD’s to start serving lunch-time grease after a night of too much celebrating and you needed the grease to feel better.

Sweet potato fries can be found on many restaurant menus. But that’s just one option from the vegetable garden. With the right vegetable and seasonings, you could forget that you just ate something green. And maybe your hubby or child will too. Bonus: There is no heavy, grease smell lingering in the car, or in the house.

asparagus friesBeyond sweet potato fries, I’ve made butternut squash fries, carrot fries, parsnip fries and yesterday I made asparagus fries. Yes, asparagus. And experiment with dipping sauces; go beyond ketchup. Dip away. While the root veggies were roasted with EVOO and seasonings, I dipped the asparagus in egg substitute and rolled them in a Panko mixture.

When my hubby woke up this morning, he asked if I could make some more of them for his golf outing.

I give you permission to go ahead and play with your vegetables. Try the asparagus.

Asparagus Fries