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Today is National Pigs-in-a-Blanket Day.

Pigs and Figs in a Blanket

During my childhood, my sister and I got to help in the kitchen and wrap the cocktail weiners or vienna sausages. We had the technique perfected. Place the hot dog at the end of one corner of the crescent triangle and roll it up. Repeat. I’m still amazed at the talent we displayed at such a young age.

pigs-in-a-blanketI hadn’t made them in quite some time. I called my family on my way home from work to be sure we had the necessary ingredients. My youngest was just as excited as I was.

We made two versions: piggies and figgies. My daughter made the piggies and I was in charge of the fig version. We made a healthier version of the piggies by using turkey dogs, turkey bacon and low-fat crescent rolls. We pre-cooked the turkey bacon to give it a crisper texture.

figs-in-a-blanket prepI stuffed the figs with a mixture of Camembert, mascarpone and Trader Joe’s Rosemary Pecan and Cranberry mix and rolled it with pre-cooked bacon.

figs-in-a-blanketWe served both the piggies and figgies with a selection of dipping sauces: ketchup, mustards, sweet onion relish, jalapeno jam and apricot chili jam.

Finger foods are just as much today as they were during my childhood.