mojito ice cream and strawberry sorbet The sun came out for the first time in days. It was time to celebrate. Nothing says summer better than ice cream. And nothing says happy summer better than boozy ice cream. It’s certainly not a new trend, but in my opinion is underused. And it’s really not that boozy; the amount of alcohol is negligible. There’s no worry about needing a hangover cure. [What do you get from too much ice cream?]

Besides sunshine it was also a colleague’s birthday. Since we really can’t embibe in cocktails during the work day, the hint of rum helped us pretend.

I had a batch of my mixture for Frozen Mojito Pie that I doctored up to create Mojito Ice Cream and a bowl of fresh strawberries that screamed “sorbet.” A little Grand Marnier made those strawberries super happy.

It made all of us super happy too.

Mojito Ice Cream

Strawberry Mint Sorbet