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grilled fontina, fig and prosciutto stuffed porkI bought HUGE, gorgeous center-cut pork chops that screamed “stuff me.” They must have been 3″ high. I had a Tyler Florence recipe that I’ve wanted to try, but sometimes his recipes are a bit too complicated/take too long. His Fontina stuffed chops called for brining. I’m more of a marinate-type-of-gal.

Looking in the pantry and frig for potential ingredients, I pulled out Fontina, prosciutto and figs. I’m still working on my hubby and his issue with cooked fruit. And his dislike of prosciutto. “It’s too salty and fatty,” he says. That’s such a guy response.

I baked them part way to get some pan juices for a sauce. That also allowed the cheese to melt on the baking dish rather than goo-ify the grill. After about 15 minutes in the oven, hubby took over and grilled them to perfection. Both fig and prosciutto added well-hidden, wonderful flavor to the pork. Hubby agreed; two of the four chops ended up on his plate. So much for leftovers.