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chocolate chip pieMay 15 was National Chocolate Chip Day. I’ve been remiss in writing, but I did bake in honor of “The Chip,” though I had only had minutes to get something done in time. The clock was ticking.

I didn’t go for the typical Tollhouse-like cookie; I went for pizza with a chocolate-chip cookie base. Plus, I had a tube of Pillsbury cookie dough in the frig. I had seen a Taste of Home tart recipe that called for a crust of ready-to-bake chocolate chip cookie dough with a peanut butter topping. Time to bring back the mascarpone-based peanut butter frosting I made a while back. I cut down the amount of whipped cream to make a thicker topping. Mascarpone, Nutella and chocolate chips are always in the house.

First I made the chocolate chip crust too thick and it wasn’t baking right. The middle slice of chocolate chip peanut butter piewas nothing but chocolate chip soup. I was able to save the pie by scraping off the baked edges and re-baking the base. The end result looked more chocolate than chocolate chip, but according to the fam this was the best {dessert} pizza I’ve made.

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Pizza