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lemon ricotta pound cake with mascarpone whipped cream and blueberry sauceI was asked to make a treat for my daughter’s elementary school’s Grandparent and Special Guest Day. I’ve made Giada’s Orange Ricotta Pound Cake before, and again when I switched up the recipe to bake a lemon version. Both recipes were awesome.

My lemon version got more OMGs and sighs than the orange version. (Sorry, G.) But I needed to do something more to make it more awesome. Blueberry sauce and mascarpone whipped cream.

I had fresh blueberries in the frig but apparently every time the door was opened, handfuls just mysteriously disappeared. Thankfully I had a bag of frozen Maine blueberries on hand. And I think it made a better sauce because of it. To balance the sweetness of the blueberry sauce, I added some Devo Black Cherry Balsamic. Genius.

I made three cakes. One-half of one cake and ALL the mascarpone topping was enjoyed by 1 1/2 people at home. Yes, all the topping. At least there was cake and blueberry sauce left for school.

As I was leaving school, I found a group of teachers enjoying what was left of the pound cake. They all gave me an A+ and requested the recipe.

Lemon Ricotta Pound Cake with Blueberry Sauce