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Circular churrosI could have easily driven through Dunkin’ Donuts and brought home a dozen treats. But I’ve been dying to try churros. I was inconsolable when I left Spain without completely checking off my to-eat list. How could I not have had a churro there?

I didn’t have enough canola oil to deep fry, and deep frying isn’t really conducive for skin-frying season. I tried a baked version hoping for a good taste using a healthier cooking method. Hubby walked through the kitchen and asked “What are you making that I won’t like? That Kyra won’t like? That will sit in the kitchen until you bring  it to work stale?” Oh ye of little faith. One baking tray later he’s singing a different tune. And Kyra wants to take some to her friend’s house tomorrow.

While not exactly the churro you would find in Spain or Mexico, they were good. Because they’re baked and not deep-fried, they’re not as crisp or stiff as the real deal. I think these could have been a little less eggy too; next time I’ll swap out 1/4 c egg substitute for 1/4 c egg white. And maybe a little bit of unsweetened cocoa with the cinnamon sugar topping.

Baked Churros