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I didn’t jump on Subway’s bandwagon when Jared was touting the success of his weight loss. But the new commercials with Ono and Phelps have caught my eye, or rather my tastebuds. I’m still on my BeachBody Detox so eating there is off limits. But I’ve been green with envy with avocado as an option.

I’ve had slices of avocado for breakfast and lunch. I’ve made a delicious avocado lime dressing to drizzle on black bean and corn lettuce cups. This week, though, I can’t have black beans. And guacamole is out of the question since I can’t have the chips. Guac gave me an idea. How can I turn mushy avocado into a soup?

I’ve been out of the kitchen too long … I couldn’t wait to experiment. I’m off dairy this week and wondered what I could do to add some creaminess and flavor. How would coconut milk be as a substitute? Answer: Absolutely perfectly. I used Devo Olive Oil’s Persian Lime EVOO. If you’re unfortunate not to have any, add a bit of fresh lime juice.

As Subway says, “Grab the green.” It’s good for you, and it’s just good.

Avocado Coconut Soup