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plump, juicy peach from our local farmWe went to a local peach farm yesterday and came home with plump, juicy, sweet peaches. The air was filled with sweet peach nectar.

We picked about 30 peaches and couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into one. We needed to stand at a 45° angle to prevent juices from dripping onto our clothes. I needed to change my shirt three times from the juice. That’s how a peach should be.

Not dairy-free? Replace the tofu with your favorite basic vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt recipe. I’d swap out with about 2 c Greek yogurt.

Pictured below: Sweet Polenta Cake topped with peach tofu ice cream and blackberry puree.

sweet polenta cake infused with honey lavender syrup, peach tofu ice cream and blackberry pureeWhat you need:



What you do:

  • Place 1 c peaches, Stevia and syrup in large bowl.
  •  Toss together and lightly mash to soften peaches.
  • Let sit for 10 minutes.
  • Add tofu.
  • Using immersion blender, blender or processor, pulse until combined.
  • Place mixture in ice cream maker and freeze according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Add remaining peaches about half way through the freezing process.