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pizza toppingsThey all taste great on pizza. Not together on one pizza; on their own. Last night was pizza night. Regular homemade pizza dough is ridiculously easy to make; just remember that you need time to allow the dough to double (about 2 hours). It’s also just as easy to go to your local pizzeria and buy fresh dough.

This time, I tried a gluten-free version to make some rustic grilled pizzas. I used Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Pizza Crust mix and it, too, was ridiculously easy. And ready in a snap since it only requires 20 minutes to rise. You can make this as a vegan option by replacing the egg with flaxseed mixed with water. But then, of course, you can’t use the fresh ricotta or mascarpone. Next time I might add herbs and spices directly to each dough ball to add flavor. Think rosemary and garlic…

I’d made another batch of ricotta. It’s just so good, even just spread on toast with some fig jam, or right out of the jar. Adding fresh tomatoes, basil, roasted butternut squash with sage, ricotta, mozzarella pearls, arugula-and-pistachios-turned pesto with Devo Olive Oil’s Tarragon Organic oil, I made two main dish pizzas. The third pizza was saved for dessert: Nutella, mascarpone and strawberries.

grilling pizzaTo make grilled pizza:

When the dough is ready, keep it covered in the bowl. Oil and heat an indoor grill pan. Take out a tennis-ball sized piece of dough. Flatten it on a floured surface. It doesn’t need to be an exact circle; it’s a free-form shape. Get it as thin as you can. Place it on the grill pan and cook until grill marks appear (3-5 min). Brush top with EVOO. Flip and continue cooking until crispy. If bubbles start to appear, merely press down with the back of a spatula.

All your crusts are done, it’s time to make pizza. Gather your ingredients. Place several bowls of your toppings around the table and let your family create their own unique pizza.

Heat oven to 425° and grease baking sheet. Add topped crusts and bake for about 10-12 minutes.

grilled pizzaPizza #1 (top):

Sauce, fresh tomatoes, basil, mozzarella pearls, fresh ricotta

Pizza #2 (bottom):

Arugula pesto, roasted butternut squash, mozzarella pearls, fresh ricotta

Pizza #3nutella and mascarpone pizza

Nutella, mascarpone, sprinkled with a cinnamon and brown sugar mixture. After it’s out of the oven add sliced strawberries.