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I was cleaning the pantry and came across 20 wayward caramel au beurre sale candiessalted caramels – that I picked up in France last year. They must have escaped the bag, and I’m glad they did. Typically I’d make a sauce fully from scratch, but the caramels gave me a head start. I melted the caramels and about ½ c cream – forgive me; I’m having a HUGE brain cramp. What is the method called when you place ingredients in a small saucepan and put that saucepan on top of another saucepan filled with boiling water? Do that.

I love caramel apples. All the fall country fairs and local farm stands have them. I like the idea of them more than I like to eat them. I can’t stand having gooey caramel stuck to my teeth. There’s no teeth-sticking caramel here.

This is an adaptation from my first version. I just received my order of the month from Devo Olive Oil; a pairing of Butter EVOO and Cinnamon Pear Balsamic. I thought about substituting pears, but I’ve got a bunch of apples to use. Opening the bottle of butter EVOO left a smell reminiscent to movie buttered popcorn; not in an overwhelming, 2,000-calorie way. That smell always makes me hungry. And the cinnamon pear balsamic? Autumn in a bottle. I could have easily taken some shots from it.

I made a quick batch of whipped cream to top the warm dumplings; vanilla ice cream would be awesome; I love when the warmth of the dessert melts whipped or ice cream into puddles. I experimented and added about 1 tsp of the Cinnamon Pear Balsamic; it gave the whipped cream a not-too-sweet-yet-not-too-tart flavor. I ate it by the spoonful(s).

Devo’s Red Apple Balsamic would have been great here too; I just didn’t have any! I’m also thinking that warmed cider, a la Bretagne, would have been a nice complement, and would have looked great in my new little Ikea polka dot glasses.

Caramel au Beurre Sale Chausson aux Pommes (Country Caramel Apple Dumplings)

caramel apple dumplingWhat you need:



Whipped cream:

What you do:

  • Preheat oven to 350°.
  • Sauté apples quickly in EVOO and balsamic.
  • Add 2 tbs caramel sauce; cook, stirring gently until mixed.
  • Reserve sauce in pan.
  • Wrap each apple slice in a crescent roll, starting from the narrow end of the roll.
  • Place in buttered 9×9 inch pan.
  • Mix prosecoo, brandy and remaining caramel sauce in sauté pan.
  • Pour over apples.
  • Bake for 30-40 minutes or until golden; foil if dough begins to brown early.