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cannoli cake layersYes, Christmas is more than a week behind us but there was still one more family celebration that needed to be celebrated. And what better way to celebrate that celebration than with a red velvet cake with layers of cannoli filling?

I loved the honey cannoli filling I made last week, so I whipped up another batch. I like Pioneer Woman’s red velvet recipe, but really, a box mix will do just fine. I cooked the batter in two paper cake rounds and then cut each finished caked in half horizontally to create four layers.

I made chocolate ganache as the frosting, reminiscent of a chocolate-dipped cannoli cake 2cannoli shell. At the last minute I crushed pistachios and rimmed the ganache-covered cake, but alas no one took a photo of the final product! At left is the picture before i covered the outside edge with crushed pistachios.