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I’d brought a wheel of Camembert and strawberry jam to work for a mid-afternoon snack. One of my colleagues brought in peaches from her tree. I took a look at the George Foreman grill and thought, “Hmmm, can I grill the peaches? Can I grill the Camembert on there too?”

I’ve grilled peaches before, both on the grill and on my indoor grill pan. Brush with a little olive oil and your good to go. So why not on the Foreman? I’ve also grilled Camembert using the indoor grill pan.

Ten minutes later, ta-da! A simple yet elegant appetizer or dessert.

grilled peach and camembertWhat you need:

What you do:

  • Heat grill, grill pan or George Foreman.
  • Cut 3-4 peaches in half and remove pit.
  • Brush with EVOO and spray grill too.
  • Place peaches cut side down.
  • Grill for about 5 min, until you see grill marks and peaches have softened.
  • Transfer to plate, cut side up.
  • Place cheese on grill. Do not place directly on grill grates. If using BBQ use a soaked plank. If you don’t have a plank, indoor grill pan or Foreman, place cheese in heated 350° oven for about 5 min. You want the cheese to begin to ooze out of the rind but not melt into a pool of cheese.
  • Top peach halves with cheese, dividing cheese equally.
  • Top with dollop of strawberry jam.