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Yes, you read that right. Grilled cheese sandwiches made with mac ‘n cheese. Double the carbs, but double the deliciousness. Serve with salad to offset the richness (and calories).

Grilled Short Rib Mac ‘n Cheese Sandwich

grilled short rib mac n cheese sandwichServes 4

What you need:

  • 4 individual servings of braised short rib mac ‘n cheese
  • 8 slices thick, crusty bread (The Bread Peddler)
  • 24 dilly beans (Debbie D’s)
  • 4 slices rosemary jack cheese (Boggy Meadow)
  • Butter



What you do:

  • Heat indoor grill pan or Panini maker.
  • Butter exterior of each bread slice.
  • Top one unbuttered side with 1/2 mac ‘n cheese portion.
  • Spread to cover evenly.
  • Top with 6 dilly beans and cheese.
  • Cover with bread slice, buttered-side up.
  • Grill about 3-4 min and flip.
  • Continue to grill about 2-3 min.
  • Remove, cut in half and serve.