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From Conde Nast Traveler

12 Things You Can Only Buy in a French Grocery Store

Walk through the aisles of a French supermarket and you might think you’ve died and gone to gourmand heaven. Here are 12 of the specialty foods that make grocery shopping in France as much an experience as any restaurant, museum, or tourist attraction. Just make you sure set aside some time to gape—and bring a big bag. (See the list here.)

The only things I haven’t bought are 7 & 9. Everything else has been part of either a late night snack, midday picnic in the Parc du Thabor in Rennes, or along the Left Bank. Who wouldn’t want crème brulee snack packs?! And I cannot deny that I may have taken a bite or two out of the butter. French butter really is better.

With Bastille Day around the corner I can’t help but reminisce about my last trip to France. Saturday morning shopping in the open-air market – stalls upon stalls of color and intoxicating smells. Even the fresh seafood stands enticed me with their offerings. Can’t wait for my farmers market tomorrow … and whatever French-inspired dish I plan to make on Monday …