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potato zucchini pizzaThis was spontaneous inspiralizing. I wanted to top a pizza with something spiralized. I took a small russet potato, small zucchini and a half sweet onion and spiralized each, and quickly sauteed. I wasn’t sure how fast the potato would cook in my electric Breville pizza stone. I topped pizza dough with drizzled EVOO, the spiralized veggies, a few cut cherry tomatoes and a handful of grated jack cheese. I topped the finished pizza, which cooks in 3-5 minutes in the Breville, with a sunny-side up egg. I haven’t tried cooking an egg along with pizza yet. Using egg is only successful if you can achieve cooked whites and keep an ooey gooey yolk.

potato beet and goat cheese pizza

Season with salt and pepper. Done.

I also had roasted golden beets and goat cheese in the fridge. I used some of the spiralized potatoes and made a second pizza.