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ratatouille tart prep rustic ratatouille tart

What else can you do with ratatouille? The first thing is to make some vegetable soup. Make sure you reserve the delicious broth created from sauteing and simmering the vegetables, add some vegetable broth and pour over a small bowl of the ratatouille.

Next, turn the vegetables into pies. Rustic tarts are super easy to form. Simply roll out the dough into one big circle or cut out several circles for individual-sized portions. Add a layer of fresh greens, like arugula, cover with a large spoonful of ratatouille and top with cheese. I used Boggy Meadow Farm’s Rosemary Jack, which added to the aromatic flavor of the ratatouille quite well.

Bake according to your pie crust directions, until crust is golden.

Voila. C’est tres simple and perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizer or snack.