My first cooking class at the age of 49

I’m an alumni relations and communications guru by day and a chef-wannabe in a midlife “foodie” crisis during the rest of my waking moments (which are many.)  My shopping excursions have gone from JCrew to Williams and Sonoma. My kitchen tool box includes a mandoline, a torch and a muddler. My reading lists revolve around food. My website favorites revolve around food. I’m not the dictionary version of a foodaholic – it’s not about overconsumption, but appropriate-consumption. I fight my own Cupcake Wars. I can’t follow a recipe verbatim. I’m an adhoc cook. I’m a moody foodie. I’m loving every minute of it.

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Nicely organized website Susan. I need you to help me with mine….

  2. …maybe I need to take a cooking course. I display a sign in my kitchen…you’ve seen it…I HAVE A KITCHEN BECAUSE MY HOUSE CAME WITH ONE! Hey I had a baby at 45 1/2, maybe I can learn to cook afterall! oxox big sis! I am very proud of your site- it looks great:)

  3. Brian McLean said:

    Well done kid! I need to try the lettuce wrapped in cabbage after all the Christmas[not holiday] goodies!

  4. love your site, Susan! very inspiring! thanks for all the great recipes and insight!! ❤

  5. Jim Trigilio said:

    Hi Susan, loved the mini-pies and flan/crème brûlée last weekend. Looking forward to trying some of your other recipes too 🙂

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