Warm Individual Spiced Chocolate Cakes

From “Living the Sweet Life in Paris” by David Lebovitz. There hasn’t been a recipe of David’s that I’ve yet to alter. I served this with a scoop of homemade pumpkin ice cream.

Makes six cakes

Pumpkin Ice Cream

Here the ice cream is served with molten chocolate cake and drizzled with salted caramel sauce


  • 10 oz bittersweet chocolate, chopped
  • 4 tbs salted butter
  • 4 tbs sugar, divided
  • 4 large eggs, separated, at room temperature
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp brandy or rum
  • ½ tsp ground cinnamon
  • ¼ tsp chili powder
  • big pinch of ground cloves
  • a few turns freshly ground black pepper



  • Preheat the oven to 400°.
  • Butter six heatproof coffee or custard cups.
  • Dust the insides with sugar and tap out any excess.
  • In a medium-sized bowl, melt the chocolate and butter over a pan of simmering water, stirring until smooth.
  • Remove from heat and stir in half of the sugar, then the yolks.
  • Then mix in the vanilla, brandy, and spices.
  • In a clean, dry bowl, whip the egg whites until fairly stiff.
  • Beat in the sugar, and whisk until the whites form soft, droopy peaks.
  • Fold one-third of the egg whites into the chocolate mixture, then fold in the remainder, just until incorporated. Don’t overfold.
  • Divide the batter into the prepared cups.
  • Bake the cakes for 10 to 12 minutes, just until the tops feel firm.
  • Once done, remove the cakes from oven and cool for a minute before serving.

Serving: If you wish, unmold the cakes onto plates for serving, or serve as is. Top with a scoop of ice cream, sorbet, or a dollop of whipped cream.

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