Tool Box

What’s in your kitchen tool box?

Considering that a few short years ago you wouldn’t find me in the kitchen, now I need a new one. A bigger one. I mean huge. Forget the J.Crew catalogues … send me Williams-Sonoma. Actually STOP sending them to me. (Mr. Postman, you didn’t hear me really say that.)

Slowly I’ve been building up my artillery. I received a KitchenAid mixer many years ago, and for nearly as many years it sat in a kitchen cabinet, behind pots and cooking trays – things I never used. Now it has its place of honor on a counter, where I actually use it.

When we moved two years ago, I got rid of all my Fiestaware, except for the vintage pieces. I loved the bright colors, but it was too much color. It became distracting when I started cooking. The colors of the plates competed with the colors of the food. I started with simple white dishes and fell in love with presentation.

I now have an issue with white. I need a 10-step program to help me. I have no more room to store anything. I’m converting a guest room closet to serve as my “banquet” closet. I don’t do banquets. I barely do anything more than a handful of people.

Don’t even get me started on all the “tasting” dishes. I have shooters, spoons, ramekins, mini-martini glasses and who knows what else. They’re just SO cute and they’re portion-control helpers.

Add kitchen tools to the mix and this was the start of my clutter-free demise …


Inside My Tool Box

Mandoline: And not just any mandoline. For the big five-oh my parents sent me de Buyer’s La Mandoline Ultra. Of course a French slicer is much better than the Ronco. When I first opened the le manuel d’utilisation (owners’ manual), I laughed. I understand un petit peu de francaise, de Buyer. Pratique et facile? Practial, yes. Easy? Not possible. It looks like a torture device for the innocent fruits and vegetables. There’s no way that the slider and pusher is going to prevent an injury. Where are the kevlar gloves? This is meant for slicing and dicing produce, not fingers. Did I mention that this also came with a DVD? It’s a good thing that I keep my laptop on the countertop. You can slice, crinkle cut, waffle cut, stick, crinkle stick, and dice. And not just simply dice, you can achieve the brunoise, salpicon and matignon cuts along with the losange. Huh? I can read French, that doesn’t mean I understand it. I need to get the extra-long pusher to cut long slices of zucchini…


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